Chilled Water Coils

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Chilled water coil structure

Chilled Water Coil

Chilled water coils are typically used to cool or remove moisture from air streams. The air to be cooled moves through the fins, and either water or an ethylene or propylene glycol solution move through the tubes.
Some typical applications for chilled water coils:
·         Comfort Cooling
·         Dehumidification
·         Process Cooling
·         Heat Reclaim
Chilled Water Coils come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but there are some properties that are common in most chilled water coils:

·          Rows

Typically, chilled water applications have a small temperature difference between the air and water (20-50 degrees F). That means there has to be more heat transfer surface area, which can be accomplished by adding rows. For this reason we expect chilled water coils to be between 4-12 rows deep.

·         Tube Diameter

5/8 inch tube diameter is the most common selection for chilled water coils. Since chilled water coils typically have many passes, pressure drop can get extreme with smaller tube diameters. 5/8 inch tubes also offer many wall thickness options, which can increase the coil's lifespan before tube erosion becomes a problem.

·         Connections

Connections for chilled water coils are typically MPT (Male Pipe Thread) and made from schedule 40 steel. Smaller coils may use copper sweat connections. Grooved connection types are becoming increasingly popular, and are available on special request.

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